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Home Base – Ensure you have the most current information!

The app opens up to your “home base”.  This is a locally saved copy of the app that gets you information quickly.  You can change this base by clicking on the “Change Base” button in the top left corner.  If you are reading through the data on the app and realized the data is out-of-date, try hitting the “Update Info” button in the top right corner of the home base screen.  Often times this will get you the most current movie listings, corrected phone numbers, and more.

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The map icon on the bottom menu bar will take you to a map of the world with pins for each installations.  We have Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and USO installations currently.  If we missed one please let us know and we’ll be happy to get it added right away.  Once you find the base you’re looking for, simply tap on the head of the pin and then the carrot “>” and you will be taken to the base’s directory.



This feature is best for a quick look up.  Try typing in the first three letters of the base you’re looking for, select “Base” under the text box, and then enter.  You should see a short list of bases.  The best way to search once you’re on a base is to go through the category menu.

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Keep frequently accessed bases and establishments on your “Favorites” list for easy access.

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The settings menu allows you to register, log in, set up update reminders, and more.  You must log in to post photos and reviews.


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